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Selling your Land shouldn’t be complicated. We specialize in the Fast, Fair and Secure Purchasing of your Property.

Is Your Vacant Land More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

Owning land should be beneficial, not burdensome.

Ready to Turn Your Land Into Cash?

Selling property shouldn’t be a battle with bureaucracy or exhausting back-and-forth with real estate agents.  Forget the drawn-out negotiations and excessive fees.

We specialize in making the sale of your land as straightforward and stress-free as possible. By eliminating the usual hassles, we make it easy for you to move on from your land with cash in hand, quickly and fairly.

Why Cobalt Sky Property Buyers?

So How Does This Process Work Anyway?

We like to keep it simple. The whole process can be boiled down to 4 steps.


Tell us about your home through our web form.


We both agree on a price and sign a purchase agreement.​


We send the signed agreement to a title company or closing attorney​.


You sign the closing documents and receive your cash.

What you get with Cobalt Sky Property Buyers

Why are you looking to sell your land?


Sometimes it's just not worth it to hold onto a property anymore. A parcel you never use may be eating away at resources from the constant taxes and fees.


Life happens and plans change! We can help you extract the capital out of your property so you can move it into something that better serves you.


Occasionally we may receive a gift from a loved one that we are not able to fully utilize. We can help you transform that gift into something that brings you joy.

Our specialty lies in acquiring raw, vacant land, focusing our expertise to streamline the entire selling process for you. As experienced professionals, we are dedicated to your needs, ensuring you feel prioritized and informed every step of the way. In short: We’re the best at what we do and make sure that what would normally be a stressful and complicated real estate transaction is actually one of the simplest processes you’ll ever encounter.

Absolutely not. Should any unexpected fees come up during the sales process, we’ll take care of them.

For each property we acquire, our approach varies. We might integrate some into our long-term investment holdings. In certain cases, we develop the property to elevate its market value. Additionally, we sometimes collaborate with construction professionals or proceed to market the property directly.

On average, after the Purchase Agreement is signed and sent to Title, you should receive your cash via check or wire transfer within 10-15 business days! We move as fast as the Title Company or Attorney allows.

We do not manage title, escrow, or closing processes internally to prevent any complications. Partnering with professional title companies ensures that sellers like you can have greater peace of mind, while it also enables us to avoid any issues with unclear titles.

Fill out the form below or reach out to us at Offers@CobaltSkyPB.com to get an offer today!

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Please tell us about your property and include the Parcel ID and the county where it’s located. Or simply ask us any question about our system and process!
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